Work with a true fashion Leader
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You’re part of a dynamic team

We have more than 3,500 jobs available, 500 in management.

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You love your job

We do everything we can to inspire you and bring out your potential.

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The more involved you get, the more successful you are

It’s really easy to get training and boost your career and salary.

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You belong to a big family

It’s a leading company with a real sense of community. 

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You get so much back!

You get huge benefits and recognition from a job you love.

Live your fashion dream
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Captain Tortue is 100% style

When you join us you’re choosing a key fashion leader in direct sales.

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There’s something for everyone

With 4 different styles and collections updated all year round, we can dress any woman and satisfy every need!!! 

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Everything is designed in France.

Our clothes are lovingly created and designed in our Aix en Provence fashion office, run by Lilian, the co-founder.

Complete freedom and flexibility!
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It’s so easy to get started !

You can kick off your business whenever you want, no strings attached.

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You can organise your time to suit your lifestyle  

Fix your own hours and decide how much time you want to spend on work. 

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There’s no risk!

You can try it out for 2 months without legal or financial obligations. 

Train to develop your career
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You’re never alone.

Someone is there to support you every step of the way and explain everything you need to know.

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Become a real professional.

Everything is set up to boost your career: You can even take leadership courses.