CAPTAIN TORTUE is committed to change!


Over the last few months, we have made a commitment, in partnership with some wonder-ful associations and charities or just internally, to support a wide variety of causes! Carry on reading to find out more about the different campaigns that we have been involved in since the start of the year:


#1 Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Day


In Autumn 2020, in honour of Pink October (a month dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer screening), CAPTAIN TORTUE decided to donate £1 to Breast Cancer Now for each piece bought from the JAVA collection between the 1st and 31st of October. In addition, for WEAR IT PINK DAY on the 23rd of October Captain Tortue donated £2 for each pop-up shop that made £50.
Captain Tortue and our style consultants in Great Britain and Ireland managed to raise a fantas-tic£7,801 for breast cancer research.

The women based at our headquarters in Aix-en-Provence showed their support for this cause by proudly wearing pink.


For World Cancer Day on the 4th of February 2021, Captain took action and brought back the “WE CARE ABOUT YOU” t-shirt. We donated £10 for each t-shirt sold to local associations dedicated to fighting breast cancer.

#2 International Women’s Day


As you know, the 8th of March is International Women’s Day and here at CAPTAIN TORTUE, we wanted to celebrate this special day. 80% of our staff at our headquarters and in our international teams are women, we have over 6000 female style consultants throughout Europe, 2850 women have followed our CAPTAIN TORTUE ACADEMY training programme and women occupy 100% of the positions in our executive management team...GIRL POWER!


In honour of this special occasion, LILIAN, the co-founder of CAPTAIN TORTUE, lent her voice for an exclusive interview with some of our style consultants from across Europe.

At CAPTAIN TORTUE we are proud of the achievements of the women in our team and would like to thank them for their hard work and dedication.

CAPTAIN TORTUE is committed to having a female leadership team. Our dream? To help each of you live your very own Success Story
Certification courses and extensive support are essential parts of our daily work.


#3 CAPTAIN goes green with GREEN WEEK


In honour of Global Recycling Day (18th of March) and the International Day of Forests (21st of March), Captain Tortue went green!

We’ve always been committed to supporting charitable organisations and causes that are important to us and related to current social and environmental concerns.

It’s against this backdrop of Green ENGAGEMENT that we here at Captain Tortue decided to treat you while also respecting the planet...

When forgotten fabric is transformed into stylish pieces

For the first time ever, CAPTAIN gave unused fabric a new lease of life and used it to create a limited edition collection of stylish bags and notebooks in four unique prints!
It was hard for our customers to choose between them, but they were all sold out within a day.



This year, Captain Tortue took action to support the charitable organisation REFOREST’ACTION by offering our hostesses and consultants the following: 1 pop-up shop held = 1 tree planted

We are proud to be working to reduce our impact on the environment by planting trees. Result: 2,222 trees will be planted in Brazil and Haiti!


Created in 2010, Reforest’Action is a reforestation company. Their mission is to give everyone the opportunity to restore and protect the world’s forests. Forests are the biggest carbon sinks that we can have an impact on and they’re home to 80% of the planet’s biodiversity.

CAPTAIN goes green with GREEN WEEK

#4 Earth Day


To celebrate Earth Day, Captain Tortue wanted to share some of the ways that our team helps to protect the planet:

Mona has adopted some chickens, Morgane makes her own laundry detergent, Mathilde creates her own cosmetics, Anne makes compost and Caroline travels to work by bike...

Earth Day

#5 A nod to Fashion Revolution Week


The Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh on the 24th of April 2013 resulted in the death of thousands of workers and had a massive impact on the textile industry...
In the aftermath of this tragic accident, the global fashion community came together to form a movement that aims to improve working conditions in factories around the world: FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK

Here at Captain Tortue, we wanted to shine a light on the fantastic initiatives put in place by our long-term partner in Madagascar to protect their workers:


Fashion Revolution Week