Autumn / Winter 2018

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Lilian’s editorial 
edito lillian

Inspiration from overseas, sportswear, cocooning, rock and roll or sixties, the choice is ours. We can do exactly what we like !

Lilian Jacquelinet
Artistic Director
& co-founder

little miss

The spirit of the sixties is back with punchy colours and psychedelic prints.


We love the bold colours and urban wanderer look

Behind the scenes of the design in videos

Urban Design
Urban Design

Classic looks with a modern twist

Cocoon Spirit
Cocoon Spirit

Get ready for some super cocooning !

New Nomad
New Nomad

Taking steps in a different direction to create looks adapted to every occasion


A touch of rock and roll, a working girl feel and a hint of escapism.


Pamper yourself and discover the cocooning spirit of sportswear.