No.1 for direct selling in fashion

Captain Tortue has been European leader of direct sales in women’s fashion for over 25 years. The company was founded by Philippe and Lilian Jacquelinet in 1993, the day they were married.
The group now has 5,500 style consultants in 9 European countries.
If you are tempted by direct selling in fashion, join Captain Tortue, a model in the industry.


Direct selling - outstanding products 

Textile and fashion represent 12% of the direct sales market.
For our founders, the sector was an obvious choice. Philippe Jacquelinet is a businessman and Lilian is a trained dressmaker. The business model of direct sales in fashion was the perfect solution.
Today, Captain Tortue markets four fashion collections for women, created in our design studio in Aix en Provence. The design studio is run by Lilian Jacquelinet with a team of a dozen stylists.

Ultra-feminine collections 

Our collections are designed to both please and suit all women.
That’s why we design four different collections with completely different styles.
The flagship brand of the Captain group, Miss, is the ultimate in casual chic.
Trend is the "designer" urban line.
Our more “couture” collection, Little - for small sizes - is slightly sassy. And it's available in girls’ sizes.
Finally, Java, a two-in-one collection with loungewear and sportswear.

Some of our pieces range from sizes 4 to 24, to fit as many body types as possible.
Becoming a style consultant means direct selling fashion including a loungewear line, just one of our four collections.

Direct selling - a fashionable job 

Direct sales is currently the third distribution circuit after in-store sales and e-commerce. Join a growing sector.
The consultancy Xerfi estimates that the direct selling market will increase by 5% this year.
Forget the has-been image of direct selling. It is now a dynamic source of jobs and opportunities.

Working from home is in vogue 

Why direct selling in the fashion industry?

For many reasons...and not the least, working from home, you organise your own day and timetable.
Working from your own home, you develop your business, looking for new customers and making appointments with hostesses.
And you organise fashion pop-up shops in your hostess’s home.
It goes without saying that your working conditions are both serene and friendly.


Fashion - future prospects 

Why fashion? The fashion industry has very positive prospects.
Shopping in stores and e-commerce are increasingly considered to be impersonal. Consumers are looking for new shopping experiences.
With direct selling, each individual is respected and the sales pitch is personalised. That’s how direct selling makes the difference in the fashion industry.
Pop-up shops with girlfriends are fun and friendly and customers benefit from advice from a personal shopper. It doesn’t get better than that!


An innovative job 

It’s in vogue to become an independent direct seller in the fashion industry - what we call our “style consultants”. 
You too can become a style consultant without any training or experience in fashion.
All you need is to be passionate about fashion. Captain’s training programme does the rest.
Not only can you make a living from your passion for fashion, but you can also have unprecedented autonomy and freedom that allows you to have a work-life balance like never before.
Tempted to try direct selling in the fashion industry with Captain Tortue? Click here now.