CAPTAIN TORTUE is once again taking action for the environment

Over the last few months, all of us here at CAPTAIN TORTUE have been supporting causes that are close to our heart :

World Bee Day

On the occasion of World Bee Day, we want to talk about our initiative and long-term involvement with the RUCHER DES JULIEN.


This family-run bee farm located in Provence has around 150 beehives. The Rucher des Juliens uses organic, local and bee-friendly beekeeping methods to produce exceptional honeys that are Made in France.


Before becoming home to the CAPTAIN TORTUE offices, our site was covered in flowers, much to the delight of our local bees. As such, it’s only natural that we now have lots of bees living in our garden and that we plant flowers for them.


There has been a significant decline in the global bee population in recent years, with bees even disappearing completely in some areas. The extinction of bees would have severe consequences for both the environment and the economy.

It would be a real catastrophe for nature and humankind. It’s vital that we protect these important creatures!

World Environment Day

In honour of World Environment Day on the 5th of June 2021, we decided to take action and pick-up litter from around our site in Aix en Provence.


Everything that needed to be thrown away was and the rest was recycled!

We collected almost 100 litres of litter just a few metres from our offices after only a few hours work, but there’s a lot still left to be done. It’s a daily battle!

Small environmentally friendly acts like this are so easy and quick to do! Let’s make sure that they become automatic for our children from a young age and let’s teach our children to respect our precious planet!


Spotlight on the dedication of Karim, Head of Management Control 




On World Environment Day, we wanted to take the time to shine a spotlight on the fantastic work carried out by Karim who is Head of Management Control here at CAPTAIN TORTUE. For many years now, this passionate photographer has been working with local associations such as @sensiboatlespiratesduplastique @asso_mer_veille @atelier_bleu_cpie   to help keep the Mediterranean Sea clean.