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Have you always dreamt of getting a fashion stylist job but never dared to take the plunge? With Captain Tortue, you can easily become a style consultant or personal shopper. 


Do you love clothes, creating outfits and keeping up-to-date with all the latest trends? Then why not consider a career in the fashion industry? Often considered to be inaccessible, certain careers are within reach if you’re a real fashionista! Just follow our guide!

Why work in fashion?


Choosing a career in the fashion industry is first and foremost about choosing a career that you’re passionate about. It’s a sector with a variety of different opportunities and careers to choose from. For example, you could choose to create clothes by becoming a fashion designer, or you could work in the communication or management side of the industry. 

One thing is certain, if you choose a career in the fashion industry, you’ll be able to evolve in an attractive and creative environment and will never be bored. The sector is also incredibly innovative and is always searching for new people and new ideas. Why not yours?

So if you’re ready to take the plunge and finally get your dream fashion stylist job, don’t wait any longer! We’ll give you some tips to help you choose the job that’s best for you, achieve your goals and build a career for yourself in the fashion industry.

Fashion stylist job: A consultant showing clothes off a rack to a female client

What career should I choose?


There’s a wide variety of careers in the fashion industry to choose from. Fashion designer, image consultant, buyer, seller, product manager, patternmaker... some careers are easy to access, others less so. Let’s take a closer look!


Careers that are prestigious but difficult to access


In every sector, there are careers that are more difficult to access than others. One example of this in the fashion industry is being a fashion designer. You really have to make a name for yourself and, above all, be talented to make a living out of being a fashion designer. After all, not everyone can be Jean-Paul Gaultier!

Working in the luxury sector is just as complicated. You have to know how to stand out and get ahead and you have to undergo specialist training.


Fashion careers that are exciting and accessible: Fashion Stylist Job


Luckily, there are also many careers in the fashion industry that are accessible to anyone that is motivated and passionate. For example, you could become a salesperson in a shop, a patternmaker or a textile engineer. If you like working with people and being independent, we have the perfect career for you: a fashion stylist job or personal shopper job.

Being a style consultant is THE ideal job as it gives you the freedom to organise your work around your personal life. You can choose your working hours and schedule and you get to do a job that you’re passionate about. Your mission? Present collections to your clients at their home and give them advice and tips on how to highlight their figures. No more impersonal shopping in clothes shops, you go directly to your clients’ homes so that they can shop in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Who knows, you might even become the next Trinny Woodall!


3 slides presenting the fashion stylist job: The fashion stylist gives her clients style advice

What training do I need to do to become a style consultant? 


So, you want to take your first steps in the fashion industry and become a style consultant. But how do you get there and what training do you need to become a fantastic personal shopper? Don’t worry, we’re going to explain everything!


You don’t need any formal training to start a fashion stylist job


Contrary to certain careers in the fashion industry which require specialised, expensive and demanding training, you don’t need any specific qualifications to get a fashion stylist job. This job often involves coaching your clients, so you need to be a good psychologist, be dynamic and, of course, love and understand fashion

When you become a style consultant, you can choose to either work for a company or as a freelancer. The second option offers you more flexibility and allows you to go through your training at your own pace while choosing your own clients.


Tailored training with Captain Tortue


You’ll have access to tutorials and tips to help you develop your activity. We’ll also provide a coach to accompany you during your first pop-up shop.

You can start your career in the fashion industry at any point in your life, no matter your age, professional experience or qualifications. Here at Captain Tortue, we’re committed to making your dream a reality.


Get started with Captain Tortue, the leader in direct fashion sales


When you embark on a passion project, you often put all your energy into it, but it can be easy to get lost along the way if you don’t have the right support. So what could be better than joining a leading company when taking your first steps in the fashion industry and starting a fashion stylist job?

Captain Tortue has been the European leader in direct fashion sales for over 25 years now. Thanks to us, over 5 000 women are now living their dream and have an exciting career in fashion

If you join us, we promise that we’ll be there to support you, we’ll listen to you and we’ll provide security and reliability. We’ll be at your side throughout your journey, and you’ll have the opportunity to sell our collections to some of our 10,570 clients.

With Captain Tortue, you’ll never be alone and making a living from your passion will no longer be a dream!