Captain Tortue has come up with some new ideas for a more environmentally friendly start to the school year 


CAPTAIN TORTUE is one of the major players in the transition towards more environmentally friendly fashion
All our teams are passionate about this issue, and we all share the same objective: to reduce the environmental impact of the clothes that we design a little more each season. 
We imagine the future by looking ahead but also by looking around us. 

To achieve our objectives, we’re working on rethinking our design processes, carefully selecting our fabrics and optimising our transportation methods while continuing to produce high-quality and beautiful pieces for you to enjoy. Our ultimate aim is to reduce our impact throughout the lifecycle of our products. 
It’s a long process which involves us working closely and in complete transparency with our partners and suppliers and moving forwards together towards a greener fashion industry. 
It’s something that we’re building step by step and that we want to share with you from the start, season after season. 



Take a look at our capsule collection made from scraps of fabric from our previous collections. With tote bags, notebooks, small and large clutches, you’ll have everything you need to start the school year in style!   



Which pieces will you choose? 
These accessories will be available for pre-sale from the 18th of August to the evening of the 29th of August, all you have to do is choose your favourite pieces!




Any guesses as to what we’re talking about?

Blue = Denim
Green = Environmentally friendly

A symbol of our transition, denim is the first product impacted by our new environmentally friendly approach. Discover our two latest pieces made from organic cotton: 


TREND embroidered pocket jeans

These jeans will go perfectly with everything in your wardrobe. They’re slim fit, a raw denim colour and feature beautiful, embroidered details! Ideal for day or night, you’ll never want to take them off!

Raw, decorative seam jeans 

A real must-have, our raw MISS jeans are inspired by workwear. With a double button closure, slim fit, slant pockets and decorative belt loops these jeans are an essential piece that you’ll wear all season and well after...