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Consultant and Host Stories


Hostess "It's fun, great fun!"


Consultant " I don't have a fashion background but it didn't matter"


Hostess " I hosted a pop-up shop because I wanted so many of the clothes!"


Consultant "I love my job with captain Tortue"

We want more and more


Choose your own work pattern
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Become a style consultant and find the perfect balance between your professional and personal life 

Live your passion for fashion with a dream job that works for you !

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You love your job

We do everything we can to inspire you and bring out your potential.

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You get so much back!

You get huge benefits and recognition from a job you love.

A career in fashion
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Captain Tortue is 100% style

When you join us you’re choosing a key fashion leader in direct sales.

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There’s something for everyone

With 4 different styles and collections updated all year round, we can dress any woman and satisfy every need!!! 

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Everything is designed in France.

Our clothes are lovingly created and designed in our Aix en Provence fashion office, run by Lilian, the co-founder.

Launch your career with peace of mind
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A free Captain Tortue collection!

Start your business without any financial investment.

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There’s no risk!

You can try it out for 2 months without legal or financial obligations. 

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No qualifications or experience necessary!

You will be trained in home selling. In addition you will have fashion training available!

Get connected with the Captain Tortue App
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An App to help your business !

Captain Tortue supports its Style Consultants with an App which allows you to book, prepare and order at your Pop-Ups.


We have all the answers


Do I need a degree or any experience?

Not at all. I found out about the brand by becoming a host.  And I love the products…so I thought why not me? And I was right. Today I challenge myself and develop my skills every day.….and I really love that!

How much will I earn?

You can earn as much as you like…it just depends on your objectives. What’s more, when you’re paid on commission, you see results straight away…. Not to mention all the great non-salary benefits…It’s so much fun!

Is it quick and easy to get started?

Becoming a Captain Tortue consultant is really quick and easy. You get lots of support from your consultant right from the start.

What exactly is a Style Consultant ?

A Style Consultant is an independent home sales representative. In other words, an independent vendor who manages her own time. Basically you are your own boss !