Being a Home Style Consultant has many advantages, with VDI (French) status.
You are guaranteed flexibility and independence.
Join our team of 5,500 Style Consultants and work in sales! It’s a great way to combine business with pleasure.
Being a Style Consultant at Captain Tortue is like being a fashion coach every day. Style Consultants present our four collections - designed in France - in their hostess’s home.
This exciting job has lots of advantages... Here are ten good reasons to give it a try.

1.  Your passion becomes your job.

Are you a fashion fan? Sociable and independent? Perfect!
Become a Style Consultant and spend your time presenting four fashion collections designed for women. Think about it... it’s like shopping every day.
Style Consultants spend their time with their customers presenting the collection, talking about the season’s trends and giving tips for enhancing body shape.
It’s like being a real personal shopper.
Are you ready to live a fashionable life?

2.    No financial investment required

At Captain Tortue, unlike other companies, there is no financial investment. We offer you the four collections at the outset.
There is no financial risk. So, why not?

3.    All you need is motivation

Are you convinced? 
There’s a problem? You don’t have a degree or experience in fashion?
No worries! Captain Tortue counts on your motivation and personality.
We train our Style Consultants ourselves. You will be guided by a coach from the very beginning.
You then have access to our fashion tutorials, available on a dedicated site.
Captain Tortue’s s own training platform, the Captain Tortue Academy is a very valuable source. The aim is to make direct selling a recognised profession.

4.    Flexible hours 

You like your job but would like some additional income?
You’re a mum and are looking for an activity that gives you a balance between family and professional life?
You’re a student and want a job that will fit around your course timetable?
Are you looking for a job with responsibility? 
You’re in the right place - all of you!
Why? Because you organise your own time. Want to work on weekends? In the morning? In the evening?
It’s up to you. When you become a Captain Tortue consultant, you are free to organise your own time.

5. Work from home

Working from home is a great advantage.
It’s such a pleasant work environment.
Prepare your pop-up shops and prospect new customers from home at your own pace. 

Fashion pop-up shops are conducted in your customer’s living room in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

6. Be your own boss

You have a boss? And you’re over it! 
We are suggesting you become your own boss.
You have the benefits of “freelance” status. You are completely autonomous and no longer part of a hierarchy. 
You set your own objectives and don’t answer to anyone!

7.  Income to match your investment

The first huge advantage is your passion becomes your job.
But you can live on it too! And even turn it into a career. 
No, it’s not a dream. 
This job rewards on merit.
Whether you want to become a part-time Style Consultant to top up your income or full time, your effort will be rewarded accordingly. 
This job is genuinely rewarded on merit.
Your turnover depends on the number of fashion pop-shops you host each week.
How do you make money?  It’s simple. For one pop-shop per week, you can earn at least €200 per month. For two weekly pop-up shops, you earn over €500 per month. 
If you want to do more and organise three pop-up shops per week, you can earn at least €1,500.
You can really make a career out of this job and become a manager. 
For example, a leader who organises three workshops a week and manages a team of ten Style Consultants can earn at least €3,000 a month. 

8. Enjoy yourself

Style Consultant is not an ordinary job!
It’s a super fun and friendly job. You present Captain Tortue collections in your hostess’s home where she has invited her best friends to enjoy a fun shopping experience… Good times guaranteed! Does that sound like a real job? 

9. Join a growing sector

According to Xerfi, direct sales are booming.
They foresee an increase of over 5% by the end of the year.
Direct sales is currently the third distribution circuit after retail sales and e-commerce.
Captain Tortue has been the European Leader in direct fashion sales for over 25 years. When you join us, you choose stability.

10. Become a member of our family 

Our network currently counts over 5,500 Style Consultants in nine European countries.
Consultants help each other daily and meet regularly for seminars and trips.
It’s more like a big family than a professional network.