Direct selling is now the 3rd largest distribution channel. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of misconceptions out there.
In this article, we challenge those misconceptions which might be stopping you from trying it!

1.    Direct selling is has-been

That’s the most common misconception. On the contrary, direct selling is more successful than ever.
As we have already mentioned, it’s the 3rd largest distribution channel after street-side shops and online sales.
According to Xerfi consultants, projections suggest home selling will increase by 5% by the end of this year. 
Which is no surprise knowing that customers prefer an exclusive and friendly shopping experience, completely different to other impersonal shopping options.
Who could resist shopping with friends, getting advice and swapping tips?

2.    You need experience to succeed

You don’t have a degree or experience in sales or fashion? It’s not a problem!
That’s the advantage at Captain Tortue. We accept all profiles. It doesn’t matter how long or short your CV is. We don’t categorise people. 
Motivation is our priority at Captain.
Don’t worry! We provide tutorials for learning sales techniques and fashion knowledge. And we have our own free certificate training platform: the Captain Tortue Academy.

3.    You need to have a good network


Most people feel like they know their network inside out. But a network isn’t finite. Pop-up shops are the perfect chance to expand yours.
And you’ll be amazed how creative you become when you want to share the concept with other women.

4.    It requires financial investment


Stop right there! At Captain, everything is free: the starter kit, collections and training tools. You weren’t expecting that were you?

5.    You need to be out-going


You’ll be surprised to hear that some of our style consultants were really timid. They’ll tell you this job was a wonderful challenge for them. It gave them an opportunity for self-development.
And don’t forget...there are only 5 customers in a pop-up shop. It’s not a presentation in an auditorium! 😊

6.   It’s time-consuming

Good news! Regardless of whether you have a limited amount of time or plenty of free time…this job is for you! You choose how many hours you work and your own organisation.
Thinking of this as a way to earn some extra money? That’s fine! You can schedule your pop-up shops in the evening or on weekends, without affecting your other job.
You are your own boss. So, you organise yourself.
The key word is... flexibility!


Our goal in this article was to dispel common misconceptions.

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