Tired of traditional shopping, we decided to put the individual at the centre of the shopping experience.
Direct selling was the obvious choice.


The advantages of shopping at home

No crowds

In-store shopping has a certain charm... But it can also be warfare: waiting for a changing room, waiting to pay, waiting to get past the other fashionistas to get close to that article you can see but can’t touch.
Imagine having a style consultant who presents collections to you and your girlfriends at home. Doesn’t it sound lovely?

No more tiny fitting rooms

Fitting rooms are rarely glamorous.
Small, hot, unflattering lighting...there must be another way? We have the solution. Try on clothes in a cosy living room.

Great tips

Neither shopping in stores or on-line are very personal experiences.
Shopping on-line is a solitary experience. And in stores, no one has time to play personal shopper for all their customers.
At our fashion pop-up shops, a style consultant takes the time to study your colour profile and body shape to give you personalised advice.

Focus on fun

Shopping is just not the same without your girlfriends.
A fashion pop-up shop is ideal for a good time with the girls.
Check out the collections, try on your favourites, and treat yourselves to nibbles and giggles. Pure fun!

Gifts too

Ever heard of a clothing brand that sends you new outfits or gifts every month?
Just because you’ve chosen to shop at home?
Captain does! Our hostesses who invite their friends for a cosy shopping experience in their living room are rewarded with free outfits and gifts every month.

Convinced? Click here now to become a Captain hostess and enjoy a new fashion experience.