Ciao to ecommerce and crowded shops...long live fashion pop-up shops at home! 
Captain Tortue invented the fashion pop-up shop over 25 years ago. 
What exactly is a fashion pop-up shop?
Let us explain!


Fashion in your living room


Imagine a fashion party at home with fashion fans - all ready to shop! Imagine! 

A fun and friendly shopping experience at home 


The ingredients of a successful fashion pop-up shop:
Your hostess’s living room, a fashion consultant ready with advice and tips, and customers dying to discover our 4 stylish and trendy collections. There’s more... During the workshop, customers receive fashion tips and advice to learn how to enhance their style. 
Try on the collections between hysterical laughs with a great relaxed atmosphere.
Still not convinced? 


A personalised fashion experience 


Your fashion consultant is completely dedicated to her hostess and customers during the pop-up shop. Her job is to create a special and unique fashion experience. 
You hate leaving the fitting room? That’s all over with Captain Tortue! 
Your style consultant is a real personal shopper who can help you find the right style for your body shape.

Captain Tortue Style Consultant - a dream job  

Have you always dreamt of working in fashion and at your own pace? Want to work on weekends? It’s up to you! Your revenue depends on how much time you put in. Say goodbye to traditional hierarchy and become your own boss. . 

A presentation of 4 collections 


Captain Tortue has an advantage - we create our own collections. Lilian Jacquelinet and her design team create unique collections each season in our fashion workshop in Aix-en-Provence in France.
We present 4 lines for 4 different types of women available in sizes 4 to 24. The collections are distributed by our 5,500 style consultants throughout France and abroad.

More about the Captain collections... 
Miss is a casual and chic collection, Trend more urban and designer, Little Miss is a couture line, and finally, there’s Java, the sportswear and beachwear line. 
A complete range so we can all put Carrie Bradshaw to shame.


A real fashion coach 


Our style consultants are fashion enthusiasts - they are absolutely passionate! 
Ready to do their utmost to advise and guide their customers, our style consultants know all the little tricks to enhance each woman’s personal style! That’s because at Captain Tortue, we train our consultants to become real fashion coaches with tutorials. And our range manager, Delphine share all her tricks of the trade. Everything our customers need to know...and more


So many positive reasons  

Here’s a list of all the positive reasons to become a style consultant:


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