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Cocoon Trend 

Tendance Cocoon


If you're dreaming of a cosy winter, you will love the Autumn-Winter 2018 Collection...
Soft fabrics, fluid lines and quilting ... Cosy pieces are highly featured on the catwalks this season.
Lilian, our co-founder and artistic director explains her inspirations and reflects on this key theme.


At Captain Tortue, we join the cocoon trend but have updated it for 2018, keeping ourselves firmly at the forefront of fashion!
We firstly focused on pieces which are height of softness ...


We firstly focused on pieces which are height of softness ...
Chenille meakes a comeback with its velvety feel in deep colors. We also feature popcorn knits, warm and trendy. Not forgetting fluffy yarns, bringing THE little extra detailing you all love.
Above all fluffy faux fur in bright colours for a touch of fun.
We also focus on volume and lightness, for clothes in which we feel good and look beautiful.
Quilted fabrics are out in force with a must-have: the down jacket and its cosy details.
We also use and abuse "layering", which allows us to combine and create so many different looks. Add a cardigan? A sweater ? Both ? And wrap up with scarves or collars.


The golden rule this season ? Stay warm, add layers. But above all, stay stylish. 








Our favourite today? 

Trend by Captain Tortue's faux fur down jacket, which draws on two major features of our cocoon trend. The soft smooth down jacket, and the vibrant colour of the fur, we fell in love instantly!
These fabrics also feature in our accessories: faux fur bags, magic down scarves ... You will not be able to do without them...



Fausse fourrure et doudoune


Winter can be tough, but not when you are well dressed!


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