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Captain Week
International Women’s Day

As you know, the 8th of March is International Women’s Day and here at CAPTAIN TORTUE, we wanted to celebrate this special day. 

Job à domicile sérieux - conseils mode
The Fashion Experience

Captain Tortue promises you the ultimate Fashion Experience...
Thanks to three unprecedented experiences.

dates clés Captain Tortue
Captain Tortue’s key dates

This is our story... a story that makes us proud, marked by key dates that have led us to where we are today.

to do list Captain confinement
The Captain “sweet day list” #sweetdaywithcaptain

For many of us, the hashtag #stayhome has become a harsh reality. Our daily lives have come to a halt to stop the pandemic and finally rid us of this blasted virus.
That’s the case for most of us. Others are at the heart of this intense struggle. Nurses, drivers, conductors, home carers and cashiers have no choice but to go to work.  This is our opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for fighting for us every day.

And to everyone else, confined and struggling in their own way at home... If you’ve run out of things to do, we’ve made a Captain to-do list to help.

#Stylistforaday ! Devenez mannequin d'un jour !
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#Stylistforaday2019 returns !

#Stylistforaday2019 returns !