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Morphologie en V
My inverted-triangle body shape

The inverted-triangle body shape is the opposite of the pear or triangle body shape. Are your shoulders wider than your hips? This article is for you!

Pull saison automne
Which jumper this autumn?

The end of summer makes us all feel a bit gloomy, but at least we have our autumn wardrobe to give us a lift.
Fashionista’s can count on the jumper to make the difference this season.  Introductions aren’t necessary. It’s a lasting essential in all our wardrobes. Not just warm, the jumper is stylish too.
The Miss, Trend and Little collections propose several variations, with new versions to boost your wardrobe.


Cool Winter
Cool Winter Collections

Jumpers and tights are out again, and the heating’s back on. Winter’s back! Is your wardrobe up to it?

little miss
Personalised tips for finding your style

Abundant tips to customise your style!