Become a style consultant for Captain Tortue!

A style consultant is a fashion coach. It’s the job of your dreams.

Join our team of over 5,500 style consultants - all fashion fans - in 9 countries throughout Europe.
Organise your daily timetable around presentations of fashion products at home-based pop-up shops, and give tips about  fashion, body-shape and colour analysis. Most importantly, your everyday routine will be fun and friendly. That’s right! Customers and hostesses come to pop-up shops for a fun time with friends and to discover a new, relaxed way to shop.
Ready for a life change? 

Read on to learn more about the job.

Why join Captain Tortue?

Captain Tortue has been the European leader of direct sales in women’s fashion for over 25 years.
Direct sales and Captain Tortue are inseparable.
The group is the European leader of direct sales in fashion. It doesn’t get better than that!
Captain Tortue is the secure, reliable choice that also respects human values. OK, so we’re a leader, but we don’t forget our origins.

First and foremost, Captain Tortue is a love story between Philippe and Lilian Jacquelinet. The founding couple was inspired by the direct selling business model. Philippe, a natural businessman and Lilian, dressmaker in training, recognised direct selling as a promising market for the future. 

Apparently, they were right. Today, their company is leader in the sector.

Income to match your investment

Becoming a style consultant is risk free.
Why? Because you can get started with absolutely no financial investment. We offer our new style consultants their first collections. You don’t have to pay for anything to get started if you want to try direct sales in fashion.

But there’s more good news for you future style consultants in direct selling. This job rewards on merit. Your income depends entirely on your personal investment. The more pop-up shops you organise, the more you earn. Here are some figures to explain how. It’s simple. For one pop-shop per week, you can earn at least €200 per month. For two weekly pop-up shops, you earn over €500 per month. A nice top-up to your monthly income.

If you want to increase the pace to three pop-up shops per week, you can earn at least €1,500 per month. That’s when you can replace your old job with one you love. And if you are convinced by the experience, why not become a manager and head up a team of style consultants. Your income will reach at least €3,000 per month.

So you see, your income depends entirely on your ambition in direct selling in the fashion industry.

Customised training

Another important benefit: we train our style consultants.

That’s right, full training for women without any qualifications or experience. The Captain Tortue app is specially designed to help our style consultants in their day-to-day business. 
We train you.  Start-up training: our style consultants have a coach who helps them from the outset, including with their first pop-up shop. Ongoing training.
We provide our style consultants with tutorials sales pitches and tips to help them develop their business using the dedicated website.
What’s more, our network has access to tools to make sure they know their fashion collections like the back of their hand.
Few companies give their teams such an opportunity to train and develop as easily.
And as we said before, we don’t differentiate between candidate profiles. Your age and qualifications are irrelevant. We count on your motivation and passion. 
Captain believes they are the most important criteria.


Adapt your job to your timetable

As well as providing additional income, direct selling helps you to have a work-life balance. How? Our style consultants have flexible hours.

This job gives you optimal freedom. Style consultants organise their own time. Would you prefer to work in the morning? In the evening? During the week? On the weekend? It’s up to you.

Organise your time to suit you. It’s the perfect solution for juggling family, medical, and other constraints. And last-minute emergencies - a real headache when you work for a company - are no longer a problem. No more tackling your boss for last-minute changes. Because you’re the boss! You no longer report to anyone else. Just yourself. Sounds great?
You’ll see, direct selling in the fashion industry will change your daily life. You’ll wonder how on earth you managed before.

It’s all the advantages of being freelance with the security of a large group that guides you every day, providing just the right dose of peace of mind and stability.

Collections designed for all women

Our four collections are adapted to all women - whatever their size, body shape or style. Our range of fashion products for direct sales is broad enough to satisfy and flatter every customer.

Collections Made in France 

Captain Tortue develops four fashion collections for women, created in our design studio in Aix en Provence. The design studio is run by Lilian Jacquelinet with a team of a dozen stylists.
Original French creations means the Captain Tortue’s direct-sales product range can’t be found on every street corner. 
That’s what makes our products special. Our teams are committed to creating original shapes, patterns and cuts on a daily basis. And there is no mass production, which is often the case with major brands.
Every morning, our teams are motivated and committed to creating collections to suit our customers and meet their expectations.
Our goal is to satisfy our customers and ensure that our fashion collections sell.

Collections for all women 

That is our ambition: collections for all women.
We develop four different collections that satisfy all the profiles and every facet of our customers.
Miss Captain - our flagship brand - is the ultimate in casual chic. It features vibrant prints and colours that catch the eye. Chic but relaxed style.
Trend is Captain Tortue’s designer collection. It aims for urban women who dream of an affordable haute-couture wardrobe.
Little Miss is a sassy, funky collection designed for small-sized women. Little Miss ranges from XXS to M sizes for women. It’s also available in girl sizes for original mother-daughter outfits.
Finally, Java is our multifaceted line. It features stylish sportswear so you are fashionable everywhere and anywhere...and a homewear or beachwear range, depending on the season.
Our four collections for direct sales cater to all tastes. And flatter all body types.
Our products range from size 4 to 24 for a range of fashion for direct sales that suits everyone.


Apply now! 

Direct selling is a great profession, but direct selling in the fashion industry is absolutely fantastic!
It’s simple to make a living from your passion for fashion - become a style consultant.
All you have to do is fill in the form below.

That’s all there is to it. Then stay connected. A local style-consultant leader will be in touch as soon as possible to get you started.
Get ready! It can all happen very quickly. You can start as soon as you are ready. 

New style consultants have a trial period of one to two months depending on their start date.

The trial period allows you to try the job and make sure you are completely convinced.
What are your waiting for? We’re ready to welcome you into our team of style consultants to direct sell our fashion collections!