Captain Tortue promises you the ultimate Fashion Experience...
Thanks to three unprecedented experiences.


The Fashion Experience






Our creed is producing fashion for all women, for different styles and for every occasion!
Our four collections of women’s fashion, designed in our Aix-en-Provence premises, have diverse styles.
Miss Captain is a chic and casual range. Trend has a more designer and urban style. And Little Miss is a contemporary “couture” line for small sizes. Finally, the Java collection dresses women in style for three essential atmospheres: loungewear, beachwear and sportswear.

Some of our pieces are available in sizes 4 to 24. We make sure all body shapes are catered for.
But that’s not all. Apart from our collections, we believe that advice is essential for a complete fashion experience.
That’s why we provide a coaching service. Forget impersonal shopping experiences in stores or on the internet.
Having a wardrobe full of fashionable items is one thing but knowing how to put them together is another!
The style consultant’s goal is to help each customer enhance her personal style. Like your own personal shopper, they do everything they can to optimise your features.


The Pop-up Shop Experience





As we’ve already mentioned, our shopping concept is based on the pop-up shop, a sort of fashion workshop.
We blend fashion and personalised advice with a fun, friendly experience.

A pop-up shop makes shopping a rich human experience.
Shopping is no longer just a business transaction. It is also a way to develop relations.

What is real luxury? Luxury is enjoying a personalised shopping experience with friends... and at home.

Shopping from the Captain Tortue collections with friends is fun, and you'll love the outfits!
Fashion coaching with a good laugh and a personalised shopping experience.  That’s a Captain Tortue pop-up shop.
Your hostess’s lounge is converted into a pop-up shop for an fabulous shopping spree with friends!

Our pop-up shops bring together a personal shopper with fashion fans and collections designed in France for true shopping delight!

A Successful Experience





Both customers and hostesses enjoy the Fashion Experience, but the involvement of our style consultants is key.
It is their job.

Their goal is success - a lasting success story.

We decided to give all women a chance... regardless of their situation, profile, skills and qualifications.
Two motivations are vital - you want to be your own boss and you want to develop your potential. They are the keys to success at Captain.

Each style consultant starts at her own pace. There is no investment and we provide unlimited assistance.
Our goal? Guide our style consultants to success... To where their ambitions lead them.

The sky’s the limit for our style consultants. They can reach for management positions if that is their ambition. It all depends on your motivation.

Personal development, self-realisation, motivation and optimisation are our buzz words.
Without them, success is not be possible.




Captain Tortue is the expert in developing style, talent and femininity… Are you ready for the Fashion Experience?



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