You already have a job but you’re looking for a way to earn more?

Good news! We offer a way to earn extra income with a fun job!
That’s right! It’s possible to earn money and have fun. Why not?


We are about to reveal our secret to finding an exciting job and extra income.

Style Consultant - extra income 




Style consultants are completely independent personal shoppers. They visit their hostess’s homes to present the four Captain Tortue collections and give advice and body shape tips.

Zoom on the advantages of this job with extra income.


Very attractive income  

It’s not just a job for extra money.

It’s a dream job AND the amount of extra income matches your contribution.
Here are some concrete examples of how much extra income you can earn.
We understand that if you already have a job, you don’t necessarily have much time for a second job.

The main advantage of becoming a style consultant is that you choose how much and when you work. 

That’s the real advantage! It’s a very flexible way to earn extra income. 

First of all, a pop-up shop lasts about three hours.
For 1 pop-up shop per week, you can earn at least €200 per month.
If you do 2 pop-up shops, your income can increase to over €500 per month.

And if you have more time, you can earn over €1,500 for 3 pop-shops per week.
Your extra income matches your effort


Your efforts are rewarded  

The more pop-up shops you organise, the more money you earn.
Your efforts are rewarded.
And you organise your timetable to suit you. A job that adapts to YOU.


No constraints 




As we mentioned before, there are no time constraints which is a great advantage.
But the advantages of this job for extra income don’t stop there.
Read on...


No upfront investment


The difference between this job and other home-based businesses is there is no upfront investment. We give you the Captain Tortue collections.
It doesn’t cost you anything to get started. 


Top up your monthly income and enjoy the many advantages  


A flexible schedule and a free collection… that’s a good start! But there’s more.
New style consultants have a trial period of 1 to 2 months depending on when you start. You start with peace of mind.

What’s more, a coach helps you get started. We know you want to be independent, but we give you a leg up.
You also have access to professional and certificate training to help you acquire recognition.

And we spoil our style consultants every day with gifts, jewellery, travel, invitations to fashion shows and 50% off clothing.

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