Are you wondering how you become a direct seller? 


Becoming a direct seller at Captain Tortue is simple because we train you and provide support along the way. 
Salesperson in a store? Why not become a direct seller. It’s better than working in a store. Read on...

How to become a direct seller. Here’s everything you need to know!

 Direct seller - a great idea 




Looking for a full-time job or additional income in fashion? Become a direct seller. Why direct selling? 
We explain it all here. 


What is direct sales?

Direct sales is a growing sector with a promising future.
Projections by Xerfi Consultants suggest that direct sales will increase by 5% by the end of this year.
Direct selling is defined as the physical presence of a consumer and a salesperson outside a store. The direct seller presents products and organises the purchase.
Direct selling is the 3rd distribution channel after in-store sales and catalogue and internet sales.
Captain Tortue’s direct sellers are
independent style consultants. Say goodbye to your old boss because from now on, you’re the boss! 

We can help you get started with the administrative procedures wherever you are. 
What do you need to do to become a direct seller? All the answers are right here!


Simple steps to get started 

To get started, simply fill out the form below.
A style consultant in your area will contact you as soon as possible. She will answer all your questions and have you sign a contract.
Your coach is there to help you  from the outset, especially for your first pop-up shop. After your first pop-up shop, you can stand on your own two feet but with as much support from your coach as you like.

Become independent  

INDEPENDENT ! Isn’t that every girl’s dream? No more orders from above and a timetable you can’t control. You choose when you work. 
You’re more available in the evening or on weekends? At Captain Tortue, you work when it suits you. A work-life balance is possible with us. You were wondering how it’s possible to juggle being a direct seller with the rest of your life. Now you have the answer!


No experience or qualifications 

Is it possible to become a direct seller  with no qualifications or experience in direct selling or fashion? No problem! We train you.
We believe in desire, not just a career path.
This job is ideal for you. 


How direct selling works 




You will eventually be convinced by the many advantages direct selling has to offer.
It’s all here.


Choose Captain Tortue  

Captain Tortue has been European leader of direct sales in women’s fashion for over 25 years… That’s a sign of quality!

The Group now has over 5,500 style consultants in 9 countries throughout Europe, but we are still a company with human values and a family spirit. 


The starter kit 

How to become a direct seller  and be sure of success

The starter kit includes: 

    A free collection  
    Tools to help you get to know the collection inside and out
    Important figures to guide you throughout the season
    The style-consultant guide to answer all your questions about administrative procedures

Captain Tortue supports you We support you to make sure you flourish with Captain Tortue. 


The same benefits as a long-term contract  

You want to be free to  organise your own time ? You’d love to make a living in fashion? But is it secure? Don’t panic! You have similar rights to employees.

You have social protection with health benefits and tax protection. You also contribute to a retirement fund. We have negotiated rates for private health insurance.

You do not, however, contribute to unemployment insurance. 

Free training  

Is it really possible to become a direct seller when you don't know anything about direct sales or the fashion industry? 
All you have to do is follow our advice and our style consultants’ guidance,  participate in our training courses and use all our fashion tutorials.
Captain Tortue has a free e-learning platform with certificate courses so our style consultants acquire professional credentials.  
You see, it’s not that complicated to become a direct seller after all!



For more information about how to become a direct seller, simply fill out the form