La morphologie en A aussi appelée pyramide, ou triangle est l’une des silhouettes féminines les plus répandues. 
Alors, vos hanches sont plus larges que vos épaules ?

Et bien sachez que pour Jennifer Lopez et Beyoncé c’est la même chose ! Alors, pas mal non ?

Objective: Balance

Because the top of your body is slimmer than your hips, your trouser size is usually bigger than your jacket size.
The aim is to flatter you. But how? Give your silhouette more balance by drawing the eye to the top of your body.
The aim is to give you more stature and elongate your bust. But also to minimise the hips and elongate your lower body.


  • Tops that stop at the widest part of your hips. That accentuates the imbalance with your shoulders.
  • Tight tops with wide trousers.
  • Trousers with darts or side pockets that amplify your hips.
  • Colours and patterns on the lower body that magnify your hips.



Forget tight-fitting and oversized outfits. They don’t flatter your strong points! Go for:
▪     Dresses that show off your legs!
▪     Jackets with marked shoulders that fall below your hips to elongate your bust and balance the width of your shoulders and hips.
▪     Trapezoid or flared skirts to mask your hips.
▪     Flared or bootcut trousers that flatter your shape.


Extra tips

Wear scarves and jewellery to draw the eye to the upper body.
Wear heels to give you more length.


Beware of fashion “faux pas”!

Every body shape has a fashion black list. For example, we strongly advise A-shapes to avoid tight-fitting dresses and skirts and dresses with flounces on the hips which make your lower body look larger. As a general rule, avoid adding volume to your hips. Horizontal stripes are not a great idea either. They are known to make you look wider than you are.