Independent direct seller is the perfect job for me

Looking for a full-time job? Want to supplement your income? Or you want to change jobs?
Do you love shopping? Are you sociable? And totally independent?
Have you ever thought about becoming an independent direct seller in the fashion industry?
Captain Tortue offers you the opportunity to do just that.


You’ll see. It’s the perfect job for you.


A job with complete autonomy 



The top advantage of becoming an independent direct seller is - as the title suggests - independence. Our direct sellers are completely autonomous.

Which is great, because that’s exactly what being a style consultant for Captain Tortue is all about.
Ready to feel totally free? But with all the support you need? You’ll be independent but you’ll also have all the support you need. It’s just the right blend of autonomy and support. That makes all the difference.
We’re warning you. This job is going to get under your skin!



What does a direct seller do?  

Our independent direct sellers, otherwise known as style consultants, work in a friendly, sociable context.
You present Captain Tortue collections in your hostesses' homes. Thanks to you, they can host a fashion event in their own living room.
You tell them all about the season's trends and give them a multitude of tips and tricks for flattering different body shapes. It goes without saying, the atmosphere is ultra-friendly.

Forget any preconceived ideas you have about direct selling. It is now the 3rd distribution channel after in-store sales and e-commerce. The sector is booming. Direct selling has a very promising future.

Organise your own time 

As an independent direct seller, you are free to organise your own time as you wish.
In the morning, the evening, weekdays or weekends - it is up to you to manage your timetable with your hostesses.
You have a last-minute problem? We all know that children don’t choose when they fall ill. It’s never convenient. And it’s never easy to find a solution at the last minute.
All that’s over. Enjoy total peace of mind as an independent direct seller. 
Forget the constraints of inflicted timetables. You are your own boss and have total flexibility.


You’re the boss 

You’re the boss, so no one else can organise your time. But that’s not the only advantage.
No more hierarchy. You will be free of the glass ceiling. 
You don’t have to report to anyone else. And if you want to progress, motivation is all you need.

You can even lead a team. Not only will you be your own boss, but you can become boss of a team of style consultants.
Join us and say farewell to all those years when you had to put up with bosses that were more or less flexible! Allow yourself to dream. Allow yourself a new career where you are your own boss, with no constraints or pressure. What are your waiting for?




How to become a direct seller in the fashion business 




To become a style consultant, you obviously need to have an affinity with the products you will be presenting to your customers. You also need to have some talent for sales.
You have no experience in either area? No problem. Captain Tortue will take care of everything. Training is our priority.


 Our collections  

Captain Tortue has been leader in European fashion for over 25 years. The company was created by a couple, Philippe and Lilian Jacquelinet.
Philippe, businessman, and Lilian, a trained seamstress ventured into the fashion industry early in their careers.
Originally, they focused on children’s fashion, but now they specialise in women’s collections.
Over 25 years later, Lilian Jacquelinet is still the brand’s artistic director. She creates the collections with her design team in our Aix-en-Provence premises.
As a Captain Tortue style consultant, our collections become part of your daily life. We provide fashion tutorials so you know all you need to present the collections.



Learn to sell 

Once you know all about the collections, you will need training in sales techniques. Once again, we provide you with tutorials and sales pitches on our dedicated website.

Decided to make your passion your job, to train for a new career?
You’re in the right place.
It’s very simple to become a style consultant. Try it now.
Fill in the form here and a style consultant near your home will contact you and explain all the details.