It’s time for some Indian Summer in your wardrobe!
Let’s take a look at some of the season’s best pieces!




Little Miss 






Little Miss flashes back to the 60s and celebrates the pink attitude with this stunning completely pink outfit.


The shirt - both feminine and masculine - is one of those essential unisex pieces every girl needs in her wardrobe.


Inspired by Java, it has an all-over floral and animal motif in soft colours. Wear it with matching pale pink trousers.


They are short, have a regular fit and square pockets. Gorgeous 70s nostalgia! 


Miss is feminine and cool with natural colours inspired by plants.








Colours, prints and flattering transparency… it's perfect. 


Summer has finally arrived! Here’s a tangy top with a mix of colourful prints. The piping and pleats on the neckline are divine...and check out the open back with a lovely tie. 


It’s so feminine.


You'll love these khaki pants open at the cuff with a tie and sequin trim.






Can ethnic fashion be chic too? 


Miss proves it’s possible with this dress featuring floral print and ethnic trim. 



Feminine details include black voile plumetis sleeves with a lacy effect and V-neck. What’s more, the regular fit flatters all body types!






Miss has also converted the blazer with her own casual chic version!


It’s casual with a mix of linen and flannel.

And chic sequin details on the elbow patches and shoulders. 


The Trend silhouette is contemporary with an elegant palette of white and unbleached colours featuring pleats, flowing fabrics and structured forms. 







With it’s own Trend perfecto. The legendary rock’n roll cut is there, but it’s ecru and lightweight. 


How ?

The fabric is soft and lightweight, more like an overshirt than a jacket.


Each piece in our summer wardrobe has WOW effect.







Trend is decidedly chic with coordinated voile prints and sparkling details. 


An alternative to trousers, the long tie-and-dye skirt has a contrasting lurex waistband and a shorter underskirt for alluring transparency!





Trend also reveals an arty, graphic influence with this reversible jumper.

The cream version is highlighted by a slightly metallic "rainbow" thread and fuchsia details.

The graphic lines and sleeves with pretty asymmetrical spots are irresistible. 

It’s so sophisticated!



Dying to get some Indian Summer into your wardrobe?
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