Good news! It is also sometimes referred to as the “athletic” body shape. It’s typical in female swimmers and other female athletes. 😊

Main objectives

Feminise your silhouette. Play with your shape by breaking up your shoulder line and accentuating the lower half of your body.


How to create a more feminine figure

Minimise the width of your shoulders, showcase your neckline, accentuate the waist, and finally, draw attention to the lower half of your body.



-    Big puffer jackets, trench coats and jackets with wide necks.
-    Jackets and shoulders with wide shoulders are your worst enemy because they add volume to your upper body.
-    Tops with horizontal stripes
-    Boat, crew or square neck that widen your upper body.
-    Short tops that attract the eye to the top of your body.

Forget masculine clothes with too much structure. But you should also avoid feminine clothes if they add volume too much volume. The main underlying tip: soften and feminise the top half of your figure. 


Go for:

-    Tops with a round neck to soften your upper body and raglan sleeves that reduce the visual impact of your shoulders.
-    Bustier, V-neck or asymmetrical dresses that give structure to your shoulders. Trapezoid, straight or A-shape pieces that balance the difference between your shoulders and hips.
-    Trapezoid, flared and bell-shaped skirts.
-    Boyfriend, carrot, baggy and low-waisted trousers to make your hips look wider.
-    Vibrant colours that attract the eye to the lower body.


Tips : Wear flowing fabrics that fall nicely to feminise the top of your figure.