Direct selling - or shopping at home - is now the third largest distribution circuit after retail and on-line sales. Why?
Here are some good reasons to try shopping at home.


1.Time with friends

Time with friends is obviously the best reason to choose to shop at home! 
Why? What could be more fun than shopping with friends in your living room?

Our fashion pop-up shops, held in our hostesses’ homes, make shopping a rich human experience.
With human relations at two levels: first and foremost, the fashion consultant. They showcase the collection, talk about latest trends, and give fashion tips in the comfort of your hostess’s home.
Secondly, the hostess’s group of friends. We all love having fun with girlfriends - particularly shopping. Trying on clothes, gossiping and having a laugh!
No more shopping alone surrounded by indifferent sales assistants!

2.The setting

Shop at home! Our pop-up shops are organised in the warm and cosy environment of our hostesses’ homes! All ready and willing to host fashion shows in their homes.
What could be better than shopping from your sofa?
It’s true. You can shop online in your living room too, but it’s not nearly as fun and friendly as a pop-up shop.
I’m sure we all agree, a friend’s living room has more charm than a high-street shop. In shops, you’re standing all the time, juggling your handbag and other shopping bags, it’s hot, there’s often a crowd... And that’s not even during the sales!
Still not convinced?

3.Original collections


Our Captain Tortoise collections are designed in France by our Artistic Director and Co-founder, Lilian Jacquelinet and her team of stylists.
You won’t see our exclusive collections everywhere. Inspire envy!


4.Personalised service

As well as being able to choose from exclusive collections, our hostesses and customers also receive advice about body shapes and colour tips. Our pop-up shops are an opportunity to receive coaching from our style consultants face to face in our customers’ homes.
It’s a bit like having Victoria Beckham giving you style tips in your living room? That’s what our style consultants do! But they’re more smiley!
Our style consultants’ goal is to make you feel beautiful! With our collections and their precious tips, they will help you enhance your style.

5.Take your time 

Forget endless queues and unpleasant fitting rooms with lighting that isn’t flattering for know exactly what we mean. At our pop-up shops, you can take your time in a cosy setting! Enjoy unlimited fittings and benefit from wise advice from our style consultant and your friends!

6.No more queuing to pay


You’ve found what you needed to complete your wardrobe... Pay when you’re ready. No more waiting in a queue at the cash register. Simply pay for your purchases at the end of the pop-up shop with Captain Tortoise’s app.  
Shopping at home isn’t only a friendly experience, it’s modern too. Home shopping is no longer a has-been experience. Home shopping is now at the cutting-edge of technology. 

What do you think?
Tempted by shopping in a fun and friendly pop-up shop? Come this way