We feared they’d never make it out of the wardrobe this summer, but the good news is we are going to be able to dress up!

As lockdown is slowly but surely being released, marriages, baptisms and other ceremonies will be back on.
And with them, the famous dilemma: “What shall I wear?” 
Finding just the right outfit for a special occasion isn’t easy. 
You don’t want to overdo it, but at the same time, you want to look more elegant than usual.


Our tips 

Here are a few rules to make sure you look elegant without overdoing it and you don’t make a faux pas:

-    Avoid all-white...especially for weddings. You don’t want to compete with the bride.
-    Same for black - special occasions are a welcome opportunity to wear colours!
Bright, tangy colours! 
   Stay decent: no plunging necklines or mini-skirts. Don’t reveal too much!

The other challenge is to refresh your style! That’s right! Everyone remembers what you wore to the last wedding, so you can’t possibly wear the same outfit. Which is rather a shame...because it would be so much easier! 

Why not buy a new outfit for wow factor? Captain Tortue has a few suggestions.

A few suggesttions 




The crepe jumpsuit from the Little collection with a lacy back insert is extremely chic. 
The little bit extra?  You can also dress it down for casual wear with trainers!




The Trend collection’s blue dress with an asymmetrical base and black chain for glam-rock style!



Or a white dress - yes - with graphic lurex details for a chic but sporty effect! Try it with contrasting heels! 



A jumpsuit, linen... This jumpsuit is the ultimate in lightweight elegance.



And finally, the gorgeous maxi-dress from Trend in summery coral!


So? Decided? If you’re shopping for an outfit for a special occasion, come this way!