Style tips, new look

Want to shake up your style? Need a change? 
But you don’t know where to start? We understand. It’s not easy.
That’s why at Captain, we train our style consultants into real makeover coaches. That’s right. They are not just direct sellers. They provide tips and advice to help our customers optimise their style.

Participate in a fashion pop-up shop  and get style tips and advice about body shape from a real fashion coach.

Shake up your style

It’s great to want to change your style, but it’s even better if you can find the style that flatters you most.

It’s important that your new look suits you.

That’s why it’s important to work with a professional who can give you style, colour and body-shape tips that suit you.

A brand new you 

Meeting one of our style consultants at a fashion pop-up shop to find your brand new style.
A fashion pop-up shop is the ultimate shopping experience, where you and your girlfriends discuss your style with a style consultant ready to advise you and present the 4 Captain Tortue collections.
Our collections adapt to all styles. First, your style consultant updates you about the latest trends, then helps you decide which line suits you best.

Feel-good fashion 

Once your ideal style has been identified, your style consultant will show you the most flattering pieces from our collections. It all depends on your body shape. You need to identify your body shape - apple, pear, triangle or hourglass - because that determines which parts of body you should highlight. 

Revamp your wardrobe 

A pop-up shop is an opportunity to drastically revamp your wardrobe.
Start by sorting through your wardrobe first. You’ll know what you don’t want to wear anymore. And you’ll have more idea about what you need. You’ll be ready to take your style consultant’s advice on board.



Style consultants are professional experts in fashion advice. They have access to a range of tutorials and courses, available for our network.
No qualifications or experience are required. Motivation and training are our priorities.

What is a style consultant?  

Style consultants are completely independent personal shoppers. They visit their hostess’s homes to present the 4 Captain Tortue collections.
It’s the ultimate shopping experience where you can discover fashion tips for finding your style and how to enhance your body shape.

A booming business 

Direct sales is the 3rd distribution channel… What’s more it’s booming. According to Xerfi consultants, projections suggest home selling will increase by 5% by the end of this year.

Fashion pop-up shops 

A fashion pop-up shop is a new way to shop. Forget indifferent, impersonal shops. At a pop-up shop, relationships between individuals count.
It is a fun, friendly shopping experience with friends and a professional fashion coach.



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