A serious home-based job 

Become an independent direct seller for Captain Tortue. It’s ideal if you are looking for a serious and fulfilling home-based job in the fashion industry.
Working at home is very trendy these days. What’s more, direct selling is a growing sector.
According to Xerfi Consulting, direct-selling figures will increase by 5% by the end of the year. It doesn’t get much better than that!


More about working from home

Become a style consultant for Captain Tortue and work from home.
Read on to learn more about this home-based job.


How does it work? 

Your job consists of presenting the 4 Captain Tortue collections to your hostesses and customers in the comfort of their living rooms.
It is therefore a home-based job because you talk about trends and give fashion and body-shape tips and tricks to your customers directly in your hostesses’ homes.
You turn their living room into a pop-up shop for a fun and friendly fashion coaching session.
The rest of the job takes place in your own home, looking for new hostesses and style consultants to grow your team.
And you take care of the general organisation at your own pace with no pressure.


Who is it for? 

Everyone can become a style consultant!
Our network currently counts over 5,500 style consultants in nine European countries.
Students, stay-at-home mums, unemployed people...whether you’re looking for a second job or a lasting career in fashion - this is the job for you! What’s more, you don’t need a qualification or any professional experience.
The only conditions: you must be at least 18, have a driver's license and a vehicle. That’s important because you need to transport the 4 Captain Tortue collections around. It’s much more practical.


An independent home-based job  !  

It’s a home-based job with optimal independence thanks to flexible hours.
Your independent status means you are free to choose your timetable and organise yourself at your own pace.
You are your own boss. You don’t have to report to anyone. You are perfectly free.


What is the difference between a home-based job and teleworking? 

The difference between this home-based job and teleworking is simple.
A style consultant’s job is very sociable: you give coaching sessions in your hostess’s living home to a group of friends.

Teleworking at home alone, on the other hand, is quite solitary.

Contact with others is the key difference between this home-based job and teleworking.

Tips for working at home 

You need to be very organised to be able to work at home.
It is the essential quality if you want to have a successful career as a style consultant.
You need to be able to organise your own timetable and manage relationships with your hostesses and customers.
It’s true that most of your job takes place either at home or in your hostesses’ homes, but you also have to work on expanding your network.
The contacts you meet in your fashion pop-up shops are a great source.
Build relations with your customers. In turn, they can become hostesses, and even style consultants. Keep in touch with new contacts to grow your customer portfolio.

One last question: what are you waiting for?
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