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Tendance New Nomad

Tendance New Nomad


This winter you can be a New Nomad!

What is the New Nomad? It is a movement that resonates with our daily lives: reinventing oneself, renewing oneself, focusing on the authentic and forgetting the routine and the daily grind.
It was during her many travels that Lilian, co-founder and artistic director of Captain Tortue, was able to capture the detail, the colour and the atmosphere, which inspired her to create this new collection.
She tells us about being awestruck by a landscape  ... And reworking these details borrowed from here and there, to bring it to life in her clothes.
Fashion takes off and is inspired by distant horizons!
With a real New Nomad feel, the 2018 Autumn-Winter Collections offer you a perfect all-terrain wardrobe.


After a chic look?


Try THE must have for Autumn: the Parka.
Our Miss by Captain Tortue Collection takes all the elements of casual, with a hood and drawstrings, but adds in details that make it a unique piece.
You will love the sequined pockets and the printed back!
Underneath try a sweater in different shades of khaki, with a mix of coarse, soft and sparkly textures.


Ready to go on an adventure?


Parka Miss by Captain Tortue

Parka Miss by Captain Tortue


The Trend by Captain Tortue Collection offers us pieces that give our look powerful sense of style. In the spirit of Nomad Chic, we work with the of colours of the Earth, sand or metals like copper or bronze.
Take inspiration from our faux leather jacket which mixes raw and sophisticated fabrics. From matte and metallic faux leather to suede panels, an original and cutting edge piece, with a lot of personality.
In the same creative spirit, we love the dress in Milano fabric. On a base of black, it uses panels of the same materials and a splash of colour to add eyecatching details.


A real breath of fresh style ! 


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For a taste of the wild which invites you to travel ... and more!