Is lockdown making you wonder if working at home might be the solution?
Avoid peak-hour traffic. Save time. It’s ideal for spending more time with your family.
Learn all about the most profitable way to work from home - and in the fashion industry. Become a style consultant for Captain Tortue.


Home selling - a sector for the future

Working from home is the latest trend. Why home selling? It’s a very promising sector. In fact, it’s booming.
According to estimates, home selling will increase by 5% by the end of the year. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Guide to becoming a Style Consultant


What does the job consist of on a daily basis?
Every day you work surrounded by the four Captain Tortue fashion collections.
Collections that cater to all women - different tastes, styles and body shapes.

Your role? It’s like being a personal shopper!
You transform you hostess’s living room into a fashion pop-up shop, and present the collections in a fun and friendly setting. Give advice and fashion tips, explain new trends...

And there’s more! Part of your job is working at home.
Look for new customers, hostesses and style consultants and organise your timetable - planning pop-shops etc.

It’s a unique job that combines contact with your customers during fashion coaching sessions in your hostess’s living room, and independence, working from home.


Total freedom

Managing your own time is a significant advantage. Who’s the boss? You are!
You’re available on weekday evenings? On the weekend? It depends on the days? No problem - you manage your own time! This is the perfect way to reconcile work and home life.


Everyone can do it

Students, stay-at-home mums, unemployed, whether you’re looking for a second job or a lasting career in fashion - this is the job for you! And you don’t need a degree or professional experience in sales or fashion.
Motivation is our priority at Captain. And most importantly, we train you!