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Direct selling
Direct selling relies on independent salespeople who benefit from autonomy and flexibility.



Balance all the conflicting demands on your time



Are you fed up with juggling your personal obligations with your work life?
Would you like a job with more flexible hours? Flexible working hours have many benefits. 
The biggest advantage of being a style consultant is that you can adapt it to your everyday needs.
Children’s activities, medical appointments, administrative tasks or unforeseen events...flexible hours provide countless advantages.

But there are many constraints when you are an employee including meetings and travel, just to name a few. It can be difficult to find a balance with your personal life.
Try to imagine a job that adapts to you, not the other way around. Sounds like a dream?


Organising your own time



How does that work in reality?
First of all, a pop-up shop lasts three hours on average.
It takes three hours to present the collections to your customers and give them fashion advice to optimise their body shapes.
You plan the pop-up shop with your hostess, so you just have to find a time and date that suits you both.
If ever you have a last minute problem, you can make a quick phone call to your hostess and reschedule.
How do you take orders? There is an app called Captain Tortue where you place your orders during the pop-up shop. Your time is completely optimised.

And when you’re not running a pop-up shop, you have time to look for new customers, hostesses and style consultants.
For that part, you are completely autonomous so you can organise yourself as you please.


Day-to-day flexibility 



A style consultant’s job is completely flexible.
They are free to organise their work life from one day to the next. There is no fixed schedule.
If you prefer to work in the evening one week, and on the weekend the following week, it’s up to you! Because you’re the boss!
Are you ready to finally be able to keep all your appointments? To experience serenity and freedom?




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