The STRONG T-shirt


This October, we’re seeing everything through rose-tinted spectacles!  #PinkOctober. 
It’s the perfect opportunity for us to talk to you about our commitment to this campaign: For many years now, Captain Tortue has been working with a range of different associations across Europe that are involved in the fight against breast cancer. This year, we have designed our STRONG t-shirt. Each t-shirt costs £37, £8 of which will be donated to organisations which have made fighting this disease their top priority.




Every October, the PINK OCTOBER campaign raises awareness of the fight against breast cancer by informing, discussing and mobilising. 
For all the associations that support medical and scientific research and that inform as many people as possible about breast cancer, Pink October is an opportunity to shine a light on those fighting this disease, to increase awareness and to raise even more funds to help researchers and nursing staff. 

1 in 8 women are at risk of developing breast cancer. Providing information about early detection helps to save thousands of lives and is essential.

Pink October is a national campaign, thanks to a number of key players dedicated to the fight against breast cancer that grows every year.
Even though considerable progress has been made in medical research and in improving the quality of life of people suffering from this disease, we must continue the fight! 



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