CAPTAIN celebrates women

International Women’s Day 

As you know, the 8th of March is International Women’s Day and here at CAPTAIN TORTUE, we wanted to celebrate this special day. 80% of our staff at our headquarters and in our international teams are women, we have over 5000 self-employed consultants throughout Europe and, to date, 2850 women have taken part in our CAPTAIN TORTUE ACADEMY training programme. What’s more, women occupy 100% of positions in our executive management team...

The clichés of women

In honour of this special day, CAPTAIN TORTUE will start by discussing the clichés of women in business. Then it’s the turn of LILIAN, the brand’s co-founder. She has lent her voice for an exclusive interview with some of our CAPTAIN consultants from across Europe. #captaingirl

"Girl Power"

Here at CAPTAIN TORTUE, we are proud of the women in our teams, and we want to thank them for the work and investment they put into the company each and every day.

CAPTAIN TORTUE is committed to having a female leadership team. Our aim? To help each of you have your very own “Success Story”
Certification courses and extensive support are key parts of our daily work. So why not join us? 

To join the adventure and discover yourself like so many women have before you, click here.

You can complete our free online course at your own pace! Do you want to sign up for the next session which starts on the 24th of March? Simply fill in the form on our website or send us an email to