the perfect personal and feminine piece of jewellery


Your astrological sign defines you and as such CAPTAIN TORTUE has created a set of stunning, limited edition zodiac pendants and chains! What’s your sign? 


4 pictures with a model showing the Captain Tortue zodiac pendants

A personalised gift!


Are you getting ready for Christmas and looking for an original and personal gift for your loved ones? Well, look no further! CAPTAIN TORTUE invites you to discover our collection of zodiac pendants with one for each astrological sign. Each necklace has been carefully crafted from brass and decorated with glass jewels. Delicate and feminine, you’ll never want to take them off!


These stunning necklaces will highlight your décolletage and show off your personality!

A real go-getter, you are loyal, ambitious and bring passion to everything you do.


Very family-oriented but a bit stubborn, you like to enjoy the finer things in life.


A great communicator with an insatiable curiosity, you can’t keep still and are always on the move!




You are tenacious yet sensitive and, like the moon that rules you, your emotions can change quickly.

You shine bright like the sun. Charismatic and generous, you have a superstar-like quality that fascinates everyone around you.


Conscientious, discreet and great to be around, you have an innate sense of organisation and duty.





A seductress at heart and yet very indecisive, you dream of living in a fairer world. Very attentive, you are always there to give good advice to the people around you. 


Mysterious and determined, you are a seductress with boundless energy!


Sometimes disarmingly sincere, you are an optimist at heart with an open mind and a thirst for learning and adventure.



A hard worker, you can seem cold at first, but you have a big heart hiding behind your serious façade.

Who is this otherworldly being? Original, free-spirited and a non-conformist, you love helping people and dream of changing the world.


You are a dreamer and an artist with a great imagination. People also value your kindness and generosity.